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People don’t change that easily – especially those who think there’s nothing wrong with them. You know, deep down, that he is a person you cannot trust. He let you down and disappointed you. Many times, you have cried beside him, asking him to change. You were near a breakdown because you couldn’t stand it anymore, and he swore his life would change. In those moments, he would do anything to calm the situation, to calm you down so that he could continue to do whatever he wanted.

Even if you go back to him, do you really think you could open up to him so easily?

You can push yourself to try, but your subconsciousness will build thick walls around you. You will not tell him about your secrets and your most profound emotions anymore. You will keep your fears and your happiness for yourself because he never listened to you. He was never interested in what you had to say.

This is him, the man of your dreams – the man to whom you constantly gave second chances. 

Now tell me, did he deserve them? 

He is someone who cannot be trusted. Whenever you needed help, whenever you needed support, where was he? He went out with friends. He had more important things to do. He wasn’t there to wipe your tears and hold your hand when you were crying.

He wanted you all but never treated you right. He was jealous. He never gave you enough attention. He forbade you to hang out with friends because he could not cope with the idea that you were not available to him all the time. He didn’t believe you at all. You rejected the people who cared for you because of him. Was it really worth it? Was his false love worth rejecting people who genuinely cared about you? You rejected people who love you because of some focused jerk who took your love for granted — an idiot who never appreciated you or everything you did for him.

Remember the pain of neglect you have faced every day. Remember every problematic situation you faced because he chose not to be there – he decided something is more important than you.

Never go back to the person who gives promises to change. Never believe his words because words mean nothing. Believe in actions.

He broke you, and he cannot fix you. He belongs to your past because he is all you do not deserve. Please never come back to him.

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