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My life is full of situations when I was convinced that I was doomed to fail. But somehow, I would always get out of those situations. Somehow, I still managed to find a way out.

Some divine force pulled me above the surface, not allowing me to drown.

Now I know it was God the whole time. He continually sent me His blessings.

God always gives the strongest power. So, I stopped worrying. I finally realized that there were some things beyond my grasp and beyond my reach. I cannot influence things. Sometimes I can only ask God to give me what’s best for me, even if I don’t know it. To guide me through life and show me the way, even when I don’t see it.

Someone might call me weak, but yes, I need His guidance and Him to hold my hand through the good and the bad days.

So, dear God, I’m counting on you. I do not know what tomorrow will bring, I do not know what awaits me, but I have hope, because I know one thing – you will never fail me. I do not know what kind of people will cross my path, but I count on You that they will all have a purpose in my life – good or bad, at least help me learn all the lessons. I do not know what obstacles I will have to overcome, but I am counting on you to give me the strength to go through them with the confidence and inner strength I need.

Dear God, I’m counting on you because I know you have a plan for me and every living being in this world. I know you will never send me more than I can handle and that you will always give me a hand to get me out of all the hardships of life. I am counting on you because I know nothing is accidental and that you have a more significant reason for everything. I know you are doing everything for my greater good and because you know better than I do.

I suppose you will send me the people and things I need, not just the ones I want. I will stop thinking about the future and put my destiny in your hands. I’ll be okay with not knowing what the future holds because I’m ready for my life to change. I’m ready for a new and better chapter.

Dear God, I am counting on your blessings, on your miracles, and your mercy. I suppose you will pass all the chances in my favor. It is something that will make me wiser and, more importantly, happier.

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