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Everyone thinks that getting out of a violent relationship is the easiest thing to do. However, it takes so much courage to leave because you are afraid of everything.

It doesn’t matter if you come back several times, because he lured you back with his lies that you broke them and made them fall apart under his terrible pressure. You’re the only one who knows how painful and humiliating it is to hear you say you’re ugly and unworthy.

Being in a violent relationship changes you in a way that I can’t even tell myself. You become another person without even realizing when it happened. You become immersed in the world, numb to emotions, and you stop worrying about yourself and what is happening to you.

Your decisions are the result of constant abuse by an evil man who had no right to do what he did for you. It takes time before you learn how to forget what he put you through and what he made of you.  It’s okay to feel weak and lost. Even though it was the worst kind of love, it still takes time for the feelings to disappear.

It will be a while before you can become yourself again, and before you can look yourself in the mirror and acknowledge the woman you see.

Don’t feel like there’s something wrong with you, because that’s how you feel. There is no right way to deal with abuse. You are so strong. The strength needed to leave an abusive person finally shows how solid and resilient you are. You wanted to believe that he would get the help he needed. You desperately wanted to believe that he would never dare to abuse again, but when you realized that your hopes were in vain, you did the hardest thing – you left. And wherever you are currently on the road to recovery, I want you to know that I am proud of you.

There will be days that will be so dark that you will find no reason to get up. There will come days when you will question yourself, and I doubt your choice.

The pain you are currently experiencing is evidence that you are on your way to re-establishing your life. And with each step forward, getting rid of the pain has caused you to regain control of your life.

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