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When a woman opens her heart to you, she steps out of her comfort zone. She ignores all her fears and insecurities and decides to trust you, no matter what. By letting you in, she tumbled down the walls around her heart, which she has been building for years – though she promised she would never do it again. She decided to believe that you will do her no harm.

When a woman loves you, she gives you all herself, and with it allows you to break her heart. It’s up to you to take advantage of her or not. It is up to you whether you really want to love this woman – you don’t destroy the ones you love.

Don’t make her beg you for something. If you love her, show her how deep is your love. Do not let her feel that she is not loved and wanted.

Do not compare her to other girls – treat her like she is the only woman you could ever be with. Show her how special she is and that you are proud to have such a woman by your side.

This girl should be your priority, and the last thing she deserves is to be treated like a second choice. Don’t let her feel like she is something that will last just for a while because when such a girl lets someone in, she wants it to last forever. She wants you to be her partner and her friend.

Do not play games with her, because she will realize it.

Do not try to send her mixed signals because she does not have time to spend it on decoding you. Just be honest with her.

If you love her, show her that you care about her because this is the only way she can trust you.

She has worked hard to become the woman she is today and will not allow anyone to change her.

And most importantly, if you love her, never let her go. Such a girl you meet once in your life.

So please, do all that is in your power to keep her by your side – if you do so, she will show you what it means to be loved.

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