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When you are getting out of a relationship, under normal circumstances, the worst outcome is a broken heart – unless you were involved in a relationship with a narcissistic person.

However, I’m not trying to claim that a broken heart isn’t a big deal – it’s one of the most painful things we all experience.

Narcissistic people break your heart regularly, and the consequences of dealing with them are much more severe.

1.They try to diminish the value of their victims. Narcissists have an enormous problem with self-esteem. They do not feel well even when they appear to be the most reliable person ever. They know they can’t control an independent, strong woman like you, so the narcissist does his duty to distort your self-image. He will feed on your insecurity.

2.They will try to convince you that you are the one who is crazy when it is actually the opposite. He will make you question your own words and actions. He will try to convince you of something that is not true so that you end up looking like the bad one. This man will twist everything that is going on between the two of you until it completely pops into your head, and you begin to believe every word he says.

3.Make you feel guilty. Narcissists have no sense of responsibility, and even when they know they are guilty, they will never admit it to anyone. Every narcissist wants to convince you that you are guilty of everything wrong in your relationship. Even when a narcissist acts as guilty, he does so in a distorted and ill manner. Also, when he asks for forgiveness and admits he is guilty of doing something, he will manipulate you into thinking that you are the one who caused the problem.

4.Change the essence of your personality. As stated before, narcissistic people do not stop breaking your heart. After spending years with someone like this, you are not the same person you were before they entered your life. You completely lose yourself in that chase of happiness next to the wrong man. And when a narcissist sees that he has succeeded in his intentions, he thinks he has won. He knows that he has managed to leave a lasting mark on your personality, and that blows his ego out of proportion.

5.Getting away from a narcissistic is one of the hardest things to do, but healing after narcissistic abuse is even harder. Narcissistic makes you lose faith in people in general. This man has done you so much harm that it’s natural for you to expect every other person in your life to treat you the same. However, the worst part is that narcissists make you lose faith in yourself. They assure you that you are irresponsible and that you do not deserve to find true love.


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