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If you are wondering how to make your boyfriend feel sorry for not treating you correctly, you’re in the right place. Most of the time, guys are not even aware of the fact that they did something wrong to you. They think that if it doesn’t come out right away, everything must be okay.

Women have developed an enormous capacity to endure pain, and that is why women can go through vast amounts of pain without saying a word.

A guy lives his life thinking he has not done you wrong anything, and instead of being sorry, he is the complete opposite. There are specific ways how to make a guy regret treating you bad.

Don’t call or text him. I know you have an urge to tell him everything, but that’s the worst you can do.  You must show him that he hurt you and that you are disappointed. Yelling at your phone will only have a counter-effect, and you don’t want to confuse or make him think you are desperate. You’re not. You are perfectly aware of what happened, and you have the right to be disappointed. Shouting will only mean that you are angry with him, but if you ignore him, he will soon regret what he did to you.

If you two live together, no matter what he does or says, you have to ignore him until he apologizes for his behavior. Just keep doing what you did and pretend he doesn’t exist.

For men, the worst thing a woman can do is to answer with “Yes” or “No.” That way, he will know that he did something wrong and will immediately regret everything.

You must not show him your vulnerability. If you show your weakness and ask to apologize, he will not do it. You must let him know that you are fine without him, and then he’ll immediately realize he did something terrible.

You know, there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who can have fun and enjoy life. If he sees you looking your best and having fun without him, it will drive him crazy. Men are jealous when a woman can have fun without them. They think they must be the center of your universe.

After breaking up, the smartest thing to do is to get rid of all the items he has ever given you because it will help you feel better. You can pack all his belongings and leave them at the door or deliver them by mail. When he opens the package, he will remember all the past times when you two were together, and that will hit him right in the head. He will feel the utmost regret that he was not there for you and that he did not treat you the way you deserve.

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